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A lot goes into a website, we have you covered from beginning to end. No technical know-how needed.

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Features of an Irons Web Development website

These features and more can be part of your new fire department website.

Professional and Modern Design

The design of your site is responsible for your visitor’s first impression of your department. We incorporate modern web design trends and build for an optimum user experience to produce a professional and user-friendly website.

Always Responsive (Mobile-Friendly)

Our websites are responsive and look great on any device, ensuring that your visitors can navigate your website regardless of how they access it.

Search Engine Optimization

We use the latest SEO methods to ensure that your website will be highly-ranked by search engines, ensuring that your audience will be able to find you with ease.

Contact Form

Build a trusting and transparent relationship with your community by incorporating a contact form on your site with a direct feed to the chief officers.

Website Hosting & Security

Your website needs to sit somewhere on the internet. But we will handle all that in addition to continuously updating your website’s security.

Continuous Content Support

A website is a living, breathing entity that requires regular attention in order to remain relevant and secure. We understand that you are busy enough running a fire department and our goal is to maintain and optimize your website with as little effort from you as possible.

Static Site Generator

Our websites are built with Gatsby JS, an open-source static site generator (SSG). This means our websites are optimized for speed and security, creating a more reliable and secure website.


It’s important that your website works for everyone. We build our websites from the ground up with accessibility in mind, helping you build a welcoming and inclusive online presence for all users.

A better way to connect to the community

We work with fire departments to build a website that helps to achieve your objectives; whether that is sharing important fire safety information, showing off your new ladder truck or boosting recruitment.

No technical know-how needed

Our mission is to provide you with a new or improved website and a long-term partnership that provides continuous support and updating. We can either set you up to update your website yourself or we can handle your website while you handle the department.

Ongoing Support

It’s simple, you tell us what you want updated on your website and we will handle all the coding of the website.


We build the website from the ground up using a Content Management System (CMS) which will allow you to jump in and update various aspects of your website without the use of a developer.

Bring your department into the 21st century

We all know the saying, “The fire service is 150+ years of tradition unimpeded by progress”, but innovative fire departments are now leveraging the power of technology and the internet to better serve their community. We offer tools that can bring your department into the modern era.

Online Scheduling

Transition fire prevention meetings, station tours and smoke/CO inspections to an online scheduling platform that seamlessly integrates with your current calendars.

Blog & News Feeds

Write a simple blog that features fire prevention tips, informs your community about important events, or news within the fire department.
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Frequently asked questions

Can't find the answer you're looking for? Feel free to drop us a line and we'll help you out.

What is a Content Management System?
A Content Management System is a platform that allows user to create and modify content on a website without the need for a developer. Essentially, a template is made and you will fill in the text, images, videos, etc. If you decide to choose a CMS plan, we provide training and on-boarding of how to modify your site.
How long will it take for a website to go live.
The time will vary depending on the plan chosen, design revisions, delivery of content and other steps. However, 4-6 weeks is a typical timeline once we have been provided the information from you.
How do we communicate during the project?
The initial meeting can be done via phone or Zoom to establish the groundwork as to what you invision for your website. After that initial meeting, most communication will be done via e-mail.
What if I don't like the website?
We include you through every step of the process. Once we have an idea as to what you want your website to look like and include we will do digital mock-ups for your approval. We work with your feedback to get the look as inline with your vision before progressing. If you don't like the design, you don't have to continue.
If I opt for the Chief plan, how does that work?
That plan is full-service, we design and development the website as normal but any updates or edits you want done, no matter how small, are handled by us with a 24-hour turnaround.
How do I communicate the updates I want?
Whatever communication method works best for you. This could be e-mailing or texting a new photo or updating a Google Doc. We'll work with you.